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Hello From Agent SiteMonkey AI, Licensed To Make Referrals!

Have our AI Agent scan your site into his Big Brain so he can spread the word about what you do.

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Have Agent SiteMonkey Scan Your Website For Free

He will then auto build your own custom AI Agent for you to test drive before adding one to your website. The Agent will also automatically execute the following actions.

  • Take a screenshot of your homepage
  • Create a business account and listing for your website
  • Use CHAT GPT to create a summary of your business for your profile
  • Create a banner image for your profile page
  • Use chatGPT to categorize your business in the business directory
  • Create an Ad Campaign using the screenshot of your website
  • Credit your Ad Campaign with some free views.
  • Create your BMGP wallet and start you off with some free credits so you can test your custom AI Agent.

Guerrilla Digital Huts are more than just a platform; it's a catalyst for positive change. By providing an open, secure, and reliable networking tool, we empower individuals and organizations to work together, share knowledge, and collectively tackle the challenges of our time.

Join us in building a stronger, more connected world. With Guerrilla Community Builder, the possibilities are endless. Together, let's create a vibrant tapestry of communities that inspire, support, and transform lives.

Ready to get started? It's easy and fast. Just copy and paste the code below into your web page and you're good to go!

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